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Happy, Healthy, Smart


Learn more about our kids' program

Many people are discovering the numerous benefits of Jiu Jitsu, making it one of the fastest growing sports/martial arts for kids.  Waza BJJ is home to one of the best Jiu Jitsu programs in the Central Valley.  We have full-time, professional instructors with decades of experience teaching martial arts to kids.  Our program has had major impacts on the lives of our kids, such as instilling confidence to deter bullying, bringing a shy kid out of his shell, moderating the behavior of a hyperactive child, or turning a couch potato into an active, healthy, and fit kid.  We are proud to be part of the transformational development on our kids.


Waza BJJ’s kids’ program teaches the art and science of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to kids 4 to 16 years old.  We offer a variety of classes based on age and skill level.  Our motto for the kids’ program is “Healthy, Happy, Smart.”

Happy: Although the stresses children encounter may be different than adults, they can be significant and lead to anxiety and depression. Jiu Jitsu provides greater confidence and self-esteem, which is essential for children who are shy or don’t fit into their environment, which can often lead to being bullied.  We teach our students to be assertive, but not aggressive, when faced with conflict or peer pressure situations. We find that the newly developed confidence alone tends to make bullying go away. The beauty of learning Jiu Jitsu is that your child has the ability to control the level of force and not injure their attacker if they ever need to use their skills in self defense.  Most martial arts don’t have this ability.

Healthy: Kids have a natural tendency for grappling. How often have you seen your children wrestling on the floor of your living room? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu provides a great way to channel that energy into something productive and rewarding. Classes at Waza BJJ combine the basics of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with fun and exciting skill-oriented exercises and games to improve their gross motor skills, coordination, strength, flexibility, and agility.  Parents understand that learning Jiu Jitsu encourages them to get off their phones and video games and do something that is physically challenging.

Smart: We teach our students the qualities and skills that sharpen their mental and emotional capacity that will help them throughout their entire lives. Jiu Jitsu is very intellectually stimulating and is often described as “physical chess.” Kids learn intricate techniques that increase mental development and accelerate learning in various aspects of their life. Jiu JItsu also nurtures a child’s emotional quotient. Kids develop better goal setting, self control/discipline, sportsmanship, focus and learning skills, and improved social and interpersonal skills, including respect for adults and their peers.

AGES 4 - 6

For most kids between the ages of 4 to 6 years old, this if often their first classroom or structured group learning experience.  Therefore, we focus on basic classroom etiquette and social skills.  We also focus on basic balance as well as positional and body awareness. In terms of technique, we teach the foundational elements of Jiu Jitsu that will be the building blocks of self defense.  We teach them a mindset that focuses on bully prevention and stranger awareness.


AGES 7 - 12

This program, which includes children 7 to 12 years old who don’t have any previous experience in Jiu Jitsu.  At this level, we teach foundational techniques for the sportive aspect of Jiu Jitsu and situational bully defense. Children get to develop their skills through controlled sparring (AKA “rolling”) situations.  We put a heavy emphasis on age-appropriate character-building lessons.


AGES 8-16

This is an intermediate program for children 8 to 16 years old with previous Jiu Jitsu experience or those kids ages 13 to 16 with no previous Jiu Jitsu experience.  In this class, we have Increased level of seriousness and intensity. We dive deeper into jiu jitsu theory and practice and show a broader spectrum of technique than we do for our other programs.  There is a heavy emphasis on sparring and preparation for competition.  In general, we try to teach them an understanding of a healthy lifestyle and conflict resolution.



We offer two free trial classes to see if your child or children enjoy it.  To take advantage of this offer, you can do the following:

1.  Schedule a Class:  You can book a class directly from our website for a day and time that works best for you and your child/children. 

2Sign a Waiver:  We require a parent or guardian to sign a waiver before the first trial class. If you signed up for the free trial from our site, please check your email for a link to the waiver.

3.  What to Bring:  We recommend that your child comes in a t-shirt and shorts that they don’t mind getting sweaty in.  If they already own a gi, please have them wear it.  If they don't own one, we will provide a loaner gi (uniform) that they can slip on over their clothes.  We also recommend that your child wears flip flops because it allows them to put on or remove their shoes easier.  
4.  Show Up Early Show up at least 10 minutes early to the first class.  When you come in, just wait by the door of the office and an instructor will greet you and get your child set up for class, including fitting them for a gi (uniform) and quickly going through the basic rules.


We are one of the few martial arts schools that do not require long-term contracts or use high pressure sales tactics.  We have proudly operated that way from the beginning of our over 12-year history.  We feel that having both parents and kids love our program is enough to maintain our student base.  We have different prices based on your circumstances, including offering various discounts, such as family rates.  Please inquire with us about those rates.


If you would like to sign up, your child or children will be required to purchase a uniform, commonly called a "gi" (pronounced "gee").  Since we do not sell gis, we recommend finding a gi on the Internet.  Amazon has competitively priced gis that can be delivered in a couple of days.  They will have sizing charts that will help you find the appropriate sized gi based on height, weight, and wingspan.  If you have any questions, we would be more that happy to assist you in finding the right gi for your child/children.

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